“Perhaps best known for the energetic recordings and live appearances in the San Diego-based power pop outfit Roxy Monoxide, guitarist Scott Samuels has opted for the singer-songwriter modus operandi on his new six-song EP, The Fall.  The best attributes of  Roxy Monoxide–melodies and lyrics- have followed Samuels on this current stop in his musical sojourn. The title of the EP has a double meaning.  Tracks were recorded during the autumn of 2013. “The Fall, ” the opening tune, is also a reference of “falling” head over heels in romantic bliss before reality provides a swift kick in the posterior. There’s a word for the current generation of self-absorbed couples ( is the word “entitlement?”) and the final chorus of the song finds Samuels dishing out the just rewards for such narcissism.  In addition to three other original compositions (“Timing is Everything,” “Thinking Too Much,” and “Nothing Left to Prove”), the EP features the wonderful “If I Could Start Today Again” written by Australia’s Paul Kelly and the Roy Wood yuletide classic (at least in the UK) “I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday.” While the back cover of the EP shows falling leaves, Scott Samuel’s latest collection would sound just as good while sipping a cold one in the heat of August.”

-Steve Thorn, San Diego Troubadour — complete review here: http://sandiegotroubadour.com/2014/07/scott-samuels-the-fall/


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